“Straw Hat Crew” will welcome you all over the island!

“Straw Hat Crew” gathered on the island will welcome everyone!

You will meet LUFFY, ZORO, NAMI, USOPP, SANJI, CHOPPER, ROBIN, BROOK and even BARTOLOMEO and CANVENDISH on the island! FRANKY will show up at Mikasa park!
They are eager to see you!

The pleasure of finding them is yours. Enjoy the nice walk searching for all the characters!

There will be a huge model of part of the BARTO Club Vessel “GOING-LUFFY-SENPAI”, at the auditorium on the second floor of the Administration Center on the island.
You can even take photos on it!

It is an hour trip to walk around the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”.
Get ready for the hilly path with your comfortable shoes and enjoy the exploration.

Take as many photos as you like with the “Straw Hat Crew” on the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”!

  • Do not touch the exhibits on the island. If any damages are done to the exhibits, you will be asked to leave the island and to pay for the damages.
  • Please understand that “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”(Sarushima)is a National Historic Site. Any actions that will lead to damaging the cultural properties on the island is strictly prohibited by the law.
  • Taking photos on the island for a personal usage is allowed. However please be considerate to the other customers and do not violate their rights.