Recreate the famous scene from the story with the smartphone app!
Explore the island to take photos from the memorable scenes!

It takes only an hour to go around the island on foot.
Use the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island Degital Stamp Rally”, especially designed for this “UTAGE(Carnival)” to take memorial photo with the “Straw Hat Crew” and other characters.

Don’t miss the most famous scene from the story! These unforgettable moments can only be experienced on the island!


How to use the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island Degital Stamp Rally”

Make sure to download the app in advance, and let’s head to the island!

  • [STEP1] Download the app
    Search for  “COCOAR2”  in the App Store or Google Play.
    Or download it from the QR code below.
    COCOAR2 QR code
  • [STEP2] Scan the marks
    Scan the Pirate Flag at the destination point with the app.
  • [STEP3] Collect the stamp
    Tap the icon on the screen after reading the photo frame data.
    If you forgot to collect the stamp, put the photo frame back on the screen from the log and tap again.
    Collect the stamp
  • [STEP4] Check the Stamp Card
    Check your stamps and points. You will receive a special wallpaper after gaining certain points.
    Check the Stamp Card
  • [STEP5] Take photo
    Tap “Close the card” and check your log for your recent data.
    Let’s share your nice photos to everyone!
  • ”COCOAR2” is a cloud type AR application service developed by STARTIA LAB INC. Please refer to the app page for more details.
  • This service will operate on iPhones after iPhone5s(iOS10.X or higher), iPads after iPad Air(iOS10.X or higher), and Androids higher than Android6.0. Functions may differ on the Android devices. Please check the “COCOAR2” device page in “Google Play”.