Summer of 2019.
The “Straw Hat Crew” has hijacked a deserted island in the middle of Tokyo bay!

This fortress island is now called,

The enthusiastic “UTAGE(Carnival)” will go on for 105 days on this island!

Enjoy the special announcement on the ship to the island!
Pirates crew will welcome you all over the island!
Try the special menu of the “Straw Hat Pirates”!
Take photos of the memorable scene from the story using the smartphone app!
Check out the original items sold exclusively on this island!

Enjoy the once in a life time summer adventure with LUFFY and his Pirates crew!

Let the Pirates “UTAGE(Carnival)” begin!

Summer Adventure in UTAGEJIMA 2019 “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”
  • Opening period
  • Opening hours
    First ferry(Departs Mikasa at 8:30am)〜Last ferry(Departs Sarushima at 5:00pm)
  • Fee
    Free to join (Ferry ticket and island admission fee will be charged)

*Please read [Access] below for the time schedule and ferry charges to “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island” (Sarushima).

Please read: Important notices about the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island”!
  • Do not touch the exhibits on the island. If any damages are done to the exhibits, you will be asked to leave the island and to pay for the damages.
  • Please understand that “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island” (Sarushima) is a National Historic Site. Any actions that will lead to damaging the cultural properties on the island are strictly prohibited by the law.
  • Taking photos on the island for a personal usage is allowed. However, please be considerate to the other customers and do not violate their rights.
  • Drones are not allowed to fly over or near the “MONKEY⋅D⋅LUFFY Island” (Sarushima).
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are allowed only in the specified area.
  • Please do not disturb or interfere with the other customers. If you do not follow the prohibition rules, you will be asked to leave the island.
  • Pets are not allowed on the island (Exceptions are for service dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs).
  • Dangerous activities such as fireworks and fire crackers are prohibited on the island.
  • You cannot stay overnight on the island.
  • Ferry may be canceled due to the weather conditions.
  • Actions below are prohibited by the Sarushima park guidelines of the Yokosuka city.
    • Photo sessions by recruited participants
    • Occupying any part of the island
    • Use of audio equipment (e.g. DJ booth)
    • Swimming during the non swimming period(swimming period is from July.13th. – Sep.1st)
    • Bringing any kind of portable stove or fuel for the stove (e.g. charcoal, gas etc.)

Lists above are prohibited without permission. Please click here for more details about the Sarushima park guidelines of the Yokosuka city